Our Organization

ALLTERE operates the following divisions currently

1. International Education Consultants (IEC): Works for Recruitment of students and has been managing and developing education projects abroad for our partner universities in China and Philippines.

2. International Health and Education Trust (IHET): Non profit, Non- Government organization was set up in 2003 by our group. This Non-profit organization had established a medical school in India [In Association with University of Seychelles American Institute Of Medicine]

3. In the year 2005, ALLTERE Education Group was awarded license to start its own medical school by Government of Belize, Central America (Which we did not pursue).

4. The younger member of our family is ALliance Learning, Training & Education REsources [ALLTERE] and has its registered office in Hong Kong with operational regional offices in India [South Asian markets], China [Far East], Malaysia [Malaysia, USA & North America], Thailand [South East Asia] , Mauritius [Southern and Eastern African Markets], Lebanon [Middle East & North Africa] and USA [North American markets]. We are shortly opening office in Philippines to ensure smooth and seamless operations.

Further ALLTERE works with a network of associates in over 25 countries {In Asia, Africa, Middle East, North
America} working for all programs of ALLTERE.

ALLTERE is now involved in setting up Study centers, to deliver various pathway programs locally in over 15

5. The youngest member of our family is Alltere Pathfinder Pvt. Ltd. which offers B2B solution to the education industry.

The gamut of solutions offered are:-

• Student information portal
• Online management of student's applications
• Software development for education industry